October 22, 2012

Good Start

Hitting the ground running.
With just a few days between a really super manabigama wood firing workshop last week at the Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts and a pottery show in D.C. this coming weekend, time at my wheel is premium. No better time for ye olde 12 x 12 to get the balls of clay rolling, er, spinning.

These drinking cups are a good form to make on a clear bright Fall morning. While they obviously won’t be ready for this weekend’s show in DC they’ll be ready for my November firing and that’s what matters this morning.

Thanks to the fine folks at Ceramics Monthly for mentioning me in their article in this month’s issue. I’m just opening my new issue that i spied in my stack of mail from last week! Sherman Hall and his crew have been very supportive over the years and have sent many people to my blog’s doorstep. If you’re arriving here at ye olde blogge for the first time, thank you for reading and i hope you will have time to dive into the vast content contained here from my 5 years of blogging. To all the steadies, thanks for sticking with me through these years.