October 22, 2018

The Marks Project

Here's a video made by the Mark's Project explaining a chronology of my work by the way the pieces are signed. If you go to my page on their web site, you can see other ways I have "marked" my pieces over the years, as well as hundreds of other makers. It's quite a wonderful thing!

October 21, 2018

Remember Periscope?

Here's a video of moi making a two part jug, originally recorded on 02/29/2016. Watch what you will, skip ahead if you need, but subscribe to my youtube channel (or my periscope)because you want to support what I do and see how I do, right? Thanks in advance!

October 16, 2018

For Now, Both

One of the most difficult balances in my studio these days is whether to make work with porcelain inlay or my standard ware. The inlay takes a lot of a very specific focus and its evolution is very slow and time is a real consideration. The painted tableware is familiar and I fill up the table with thrown wares. It's actually a perfect counter to the slow pace and intense focus of the inlay. If I were to just make one or just the other I may not feel fulfilled, so I do both to feel balance.

This past weekend, though, I felt that I was doing the body of work a disservice by showing them together as in this picture. So next time I make try to display them in a different way. I know it's hard to see my arrangement from this narrow view of my overall display, but what do you think? ANY advice will be taken into consideration! 😊😚

Thanks for your input!

October 15, 2018

Pitcher? Jug?

pitchers and other forms after wax resist brushwork and glazing

wax resist with pigment

regular wax resist and wax resist with pigment 

October 12, 2018

Spruce Pine or BUST!

The pottery has been whisked away to the lovely town of Spruce Pine for this weekend's 12th Annual Potters Market. 30 potters from Mitchell and Yancey Counties here in NC organize and operate this major ceramiganza. Hope to see y'uns this weekend!

Here are a few plates that will be on display.

Favorites? comment below. Let me know you're out there! ;-)

October 11, 2018

Pitcher! Rabbit! Win Win!

And now, on a more successful note, some winners!

detail of inlay and painted ramen bowl

winning pitcher: firing 20


Ceramics. Is. Hard.

After much anxiety about 2 exploding pots in the recent firing, I relieved that the fallout/shrapnel wasn't worse. It was a pity to blow up 2 large pots and a small plate because I turned up the heat a little too fast on some raw glazed pots, but the exploding sherds of those pots could have wreaked more havoc than they did. #grateful

Humbling for sure. and this blog display is cathartic.

onward...the good outweigh the bad. what doesn't kill us makes us stronger.