April 12, 2013

TGIF But Not 4 Me

Seems like I'm blogging more consistently on Instagram, lately. If you're not a Instagrammer here's a week in pictures for you.

i made little pots and big pots this week

Lillian got her rabbit!
thinking about pattern
ye olde peter pugger plunger broke, time to do some welding
jar looking out the window at kiln
pattern on a fork during a ramen lunch
no pattern is ok too
stacking pots for a bisque can be a fun exercise in seeing

heavy slippage with finger wipes and combing
jug and horseshoe
smoothing cut edge
sleepy and hollow

combed bowls
scalloped handle on berry bowl
another cup of coffee before i go (on)
bison trimming machine

springing forth! 

If you want to follow my photography, you can find my Instagram feed here!

Well, TGIF y'all! There won't be a weekend for me, though. Knuckling down for a firing next week. Crunch time!

But I hope you have one and thanks, as always for reading and supporting. BTW, I love your  comments! ;-)

April 10, 2013

Got Flow?

Late last night I had the realization that I always get during this time in the studio session just before a firing, If only I could keep going, the pots are flowing from my fingertips, effortlessly. Well, maybe not that easy, I still have to wedge the clay! But at some point I have to say no to that desire to make just one more pot. Each pot that's made after the wet deadline cuts into the time I'll have to work on the surfaces. I'll try to keep you up to date on the deco-rotating and glazing this weekend.