May 28, 2010

Tom Turner Videos

I went over to Tom's yesterday to shoot a video to promote his June 26, 27th workshop and we did it in one take! Not only will Tom show you all of his techniques and share his excitement about his porcelain and his glazes, he's raffling off a brand new Shimpo Whisper!!! to one of the workshop participants!! WOW. [translated for our non-french speaking readers : Wow!]

So what I am saying is, DON'T take the workshop so my odds of winning the new wheel will be better!!

OK, Here's the video and a couple of other ones we found lurking on YouTube.

This following video is an excerpt from Tom's DVD, that is available here!

This 4 disc DVD set documents a two day workshop he conducted at the North Carolina Pottery Center in Seagrove, North Carolina in May of 2005. Along with the workshop was a mini-retrospective of 34 of his favorite pots from his permanent collection spanning 1970 to 2004. These pots document his best work from different studios, different periods of time, and different processes he used during those years.

May 26, 2010

Artisan Gallery Show

Here are the pots all set up and ready to fly!

"As The Crow Flies: NC Neighbors"
is the name of this little exhibit at the Artisan Gallery in my old haunts of Northampton, MA. It features pots by Naomi Dalglish, Michael Hunt, and myself. Thanks to Chuck Stern and Patty Arbour for inviting us and doing such a nice job presenting the work. I hope you will be able to see the pots if you can afford a visit to 162 Main St.

Maybe one or two will "fly home" with you.

May 21, 2010

As The Crow Flies

Here are a few items that will be in the Artisan Gallery show, "As the Crow Flies: NC Neighbors" that opens next week in Northampton, MA. The show features my work and the work of my "over the hill" neighbors, Michael Hunt and Naomi Dalglish. They may be over the hill as a crow flies, but far from over the hill with their pots!

May 20, 2010

Pack and Ship

These plates are en route (that's French for on route) to the
Artisan Gallery in Northampton MA. for the upcoming show, entitled,
"As the Crow Flies: NC Neighbors"
My neighbor potters are Michael Hunt and Naomi Dalglish!

Here is how I wrapped the platters for safe shipping.

First I wrap with newsprint.
Then I wrap the edge with bubble wrap.

Then the top and bottom are wrapped with bubble.

I like to use stretch wrap for fixing the bubble wrap.
This allows the bubble wrap to be easily reused.
I also think of the stretch wrap as tape without the nasty adhesives,
making it, by a fraction, a bit more "green".

Using a clay box I wrap the platter separately with
cardboard, giving it a little more protection.

A section is cut out to make folding the box less bulky
and hence a little easier to fold over.

The finished wrap job.

This is placed in the box with other pots and surrounded by peanuts.
Sorry I didn't snap a picture of the packing arrangement.

Off to Massachussetts these pots go.
I wish I were going, too!

I'll post more pictures of pots for the collection shipped
to Northampton in the next post!


Here's another drawing. This one is on tracing paper and it was scanned for this image. I like the light and dark that was created during the scan. Like my salt slip on my pots there is a lot of variation with a simple palette. The drawing has been fixed on the side of our fridge with magnets and the ink has faded from being in the sun and next to our stove. There may be a little sauce as well. Quite a lot to list in it's description if it ever makes it to the show in October! See how the drawing looked in this post from the past!

May 19, 2010

Chicks and Marriage

nine years ago Stacey and I got married
in the little church over at Penland!
[photo by Nancy Barnett]

Wow 9 years!! Where does the time go? I guess time does fly when your having kids and making a home. I guess I forgot to mention keeping a pottery business afloat , and building a kiln and studio! It's been a blast, Stacey!

So, like so many parents with kids we'll celebrate our anniversary with the girls tonight after their swimming lessons and then hopefully we'll get away (sans kids) on a date by ourselves to hear some music, have a nice dinner, and use big words of affection while gazing lovingly into each others eyes!! I just hope that I'll remember some "grown up" words!


Speaking of girls, I just couldn't help share these pictures Lillian took last night of the new chicks in our hen house!

These are just a couple from the 150 or so that I just downloaded from the camera!! Ha! She's really been enjoying taking pictures with the old FujiPix. When I was Lillian's age (1967) the camera and it's film were reserved for special occasions with the occasional snapshots. With digital cameras it's become almost too easy to snap off a few hundred. But it's pretty cool that she's getting into taking pictures!

In other news I'm getting ready to do some drawings and paintings for a show I'll have this coming October at the American Folk Art Gallery in Ashville. Betsey Rose and I have been planning a great show of new pots, as well as some new drawings in ink and other goodies, TBA. You'll see it first here so stay tuned.

here is one from a few years ago that
hangs in my showroom.

May 18, 2010

Shipping News

Shipping pots to Massachussetts today for a show, titled, "As the Crow Flies: NC Neighbors". It's at the Artisan Gallery in Northampton. I'm showing with my pottery neighbors and fellow Potters of the Roan'ers, Naomi Dalglish and Michael Hunt. The show opens on the 29th of May. But I'll remind you if you're on my mailing list!

May 17, 2010

Silence is Golden

Lillian at the Friday evening preview. The light was so amazing!

Dear reader,
I hope you haven't worried! I've been quiet here for a while, just been lazing around doing yard work and enjoying some beautiful springtime weather! Not much pottery news. Can't recall where I left off...

Oh yea, I fired my kiln and unloaded it and then sold a bunch of it!

I had a great kiln opening! Almost the first of its kind here in Mitchell Co. There wasn't a need for a rope to keep the crowds back, but we had a pretty good turnout for a cold and windy spring weekend! The pots from the firing were laid out in the freshly mowed grass above the studio by Frank Lortscher and myself. It was a very sunny day(and weekend) and a pot never looks better than in the bright sunshine.

Here are a few pictures from the kiln opening:

some local experts scrutinizing the wares

where to park? not a problem

another satisfied customer

The next kiln opening is penciled in for Labor Day weekend. I'll let you know when we seal the date.

I've been thinking about you all and catching up on your blogs (if you have one), although it seems almost impossible to read them all! How did we get here? So many pottery blogs, so little time.

There are pots to pack and ship. There's an Etsy kiln opening coming up very soon. The cousin in clay are gathering for a family reunion in June! I'd better get busy! I'll see you soon with another update.

May 11, 2010

Tuesday Hello

I'm taking some time off after our big kiln opening weekend to catch up with all of the emails and blogs that had to be neglected during the whirlwind of preparation and selling the pots. As I look over my "honey-do" list with coffee this morning, I wanted to say hello to you all and share this video I found as I was thinking of the late Nancy Sweezy.

May 7, 2010

35 Faves

Here are a few pots that will be in my "favorites of the firing" gallery here at the pottery tonight and this weekend. Time for me to set out some pots on the lawn! Have a great day.

Preview Evening Drawing

If you come to this evening's preview you might win this 2 gallon jar! Drawing will happen during the preview and you can only register if you come. So I hope to see you!

May 6, 2010

Come Together

these iris came from my grandfather's farm in Lake City, Michigan.
Here they are gracing the yard for this weekends kiln opening

come see for yourself!

the sign is installed!
look for it when you head down Snow Creek Rd.

Sign Painting

May 5, 2010

35 Unloaded

Here are the pots unloaded from the kiln. I'm still busy getting the site set for the sale and haven't got to look over the pots carefully. But my impression of the kiln is good. No kiln blues this time! I'll be shooting preview pictures to put on Facebook and Sawdust & Dirt, as well as a brief e-newletter special edition! Let me know what you think!

35 Peeks

I'm a little late with this sneak peek, but here are some images from the kiln!

i like the black vine on the round jar
and the restrained amber on that jug!

mmmm, dots!!

i love the contrast of color and texture in this picture
through the bag wall

a Kyle Cupenter Carp!
I'd better hide this one when he
comes over to claim his pots!

A big day ahead! Unloading the kiln will be on top of the list. Also that list will include,
  • paint signs
  • clean up around the kiln
  • clean show room
  • post preview pics on this page
Until then...

May 3, 2010

Faces of 35

Sorry readers, but I had too busy a day to sit down and sum up the firing. Maybe tomorrow? I've got a lot to do to get the place ready for our 1st Annual Kiln Opening!!! With the usual cleanup after a deco-rotation session in the studio, I also realized that the whole place needs a makeover by Friday!

Here are some of the faces of the firing of the kiln. Can't thank these folks enough!

lillian stoking in her jammies!

David Andrews still chipper after the"overnight"
David's son Elijah stoking the fire
Evelyn waiting her turn

Keith Phillips came out to lend a hand
and help me innovate a new salting technique!

Keith's son Greyson after retrieving the
salt board from the middle of the pond!

Alex Matisse staying cool
and hamming it up for the camera.

I have more pictures and video that I hope to share with you sometime soon. The firing went very well, considering my fatigue and near exhaustion from working the long hours for the last 3 weeks to get it all done. It was a beautiful day for a firing. The wind was a little gusty, but it had just a minor effect on the the overall firing.

The firing started at about 3:30 a.m. and ended about 9 the following night. The temperature was a little hotter than last firing by design. The majority of the load was made from a commercial stoneware and not my red dirt stoneware.

Tomorrow is Lillian's birthday and we're heading in top the big city of Asheville. I'll be pressing the overalls so's I'll be able to celebrate in style!

Until the next chance I get to sit down and compose...thanks for reading and supporting blogs about pottery!