February 5, 2010

12 X Noon

So sorry it's taken me so long to edit all these entries in the 12 by 12 noon challenge. Of course we'll have to take everybody at their word and that these pots were made before noon!
It's gotta be noon somewhere in the world right(?) From what people were telling me in their emails, I gather that they had fun and it was a bit of a challenge! If anything, I have realized all of the things that get in our way that prevents us from making stuff in the mornings. I promised to get these pictures up yesterday and here I am scrambling to get them all organized and uploaded before the East Coast of the USA gets their 3 feet of snow and we lose electricity! So far here in the mountains, just rain.

The images are in reverse alphabetical order by first name. (no wonder I am cross eyed!)

Here we go!
a serene winter window
into will baker's shop
bakersville, nc

widge thorpe getting a jump on
this years holiday season

ron philbeck's dinner plates
waiting for goats, birds, and clothes lines

rebecca brandow's cups
with slip trailed(?)

keith phillips, who, btw, was
the first responder to the challenge
check out keith's great web site

was athens ga potter juana gnecco
looking at will baker's bowls?
great minds throw alike!
more of juana's work here

joy tanner spinning some bowls
up on bad creek.

john dorsey bottle collection.
see detailed shots here

joann axford's flock of 12!

12 glaze tests by blogger Jeanette Zeiss!

gang of 12
rah rah rah
by Scotland potter
Hannah McAndrew!

pods by 49th united state sculptor Cindy Shake

Abilene's finest, Brandon Phillips

Thanks everyone for the fun! I hope these pots are getting finished by this late hour and I look forward to seeing more of your work.

As for all you slackers out there, you had better send me your doctor's excuses soon or I'll have to dock your pay!
Have a great safe weekend.